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Let's cooperate!

International Trade Development Organisations – We complement your services on local markets

We believe that international trade development organisations provide essential support and expertise for companies. We therefore focus on forging partnerships with mutual benefits to deliver the best results to businesses. We put our direct market expertise to work to support you and your customers and ensure rapid and successful market entry.

Partners – Organizations we Cooperate with

We are looking to collaborate with international trade development organizations such as local chambers of commerce, trade offices, clusters, associations, international networks, innovation centres and SME support organisations. We offer our knowledge and experience to help your customers expand beyond borders and improve effiency in partner matchmaking and international trade development.

Your Benefits at a Glance

Tailor-made services for your clients in the following areas:

Consulting & Strategy
Market Research & Analysis
Localisation of marketing
Partner Search & Matchmaking
Customized corporate training to support export activities

We cover the following countries: